Gingerbread House Contest Results

Dec 20, 2016

Thank you to all who participated in our 4th Annual Gingerbread House Contest and to everyone who came and viewed the incredible creations. The contest was a huge success; this year we had a record number of entries including numerous participants in our newest category the "Little Ones".

We were thrilled and captivated by each and every unique entry. The Goring Family took home the Grand Prize for their "Home Sweet Home", judges cited the attention to detail of traditional house and garden. Sonya and Olivia Selig's intricate and imaginative "Japanese Wintery Tea Garden" won Second Place in the Adult category.

If you missed seeing these beautiful works of art you still have a chance, they are on display at the Hilton Library, 1688 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood until January 17th. We look forward to next year's contest!

Next Event

June 4, 2017, 2:00 PM

Dragonflies and Damselflies of N.J.

Notice how dragonflies often visit water, whether ponds, lakes or rivers, even bird baths in the summer? Ever-fascinating, they are voracious predators as larvae, in freshwater habitats, and as adults, where they consume flies and other insects. Here in NJ we have an abundance of dragonfly and damselfly species, and Dr. Jessica Ware, a professor of evolutionary biology at Rutgers Newark, will lead us on a journey to learn about their amazing life histories and where to find them across the Garden State.

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