The Separation of Maplewood and South Orange

Nov 14, 2003

Date Event
1861 April 1 The Township of South Orange was formed from Clinton Township and Orange Town.1
1863 Part of Millburn Township (known as Jefferson Village until 1860, when a railroad station was built in the center and named Maplewood Station) was added to the Township of South Orange.1
1869 May 4 The Village of South Orange was formed within the Township of South Orange.2 However, the Village remained part of the township school district and had no control over the township tax assessor’s determination of property values.3
1904 February 9 The New Jersey Legislature enacted a law authorizing a village to separate from the township which contained it.4
1904 March 4 The Village of South Orange separated from the Township in accordance with a Referendum March 2, 1904.2
1904 March 28 The New Jersey Legislature enacted a law mandating that a separated village remain a part of the school district of the township from which it separated.5
1922 November 7 The Township of South Orange changed its name to Maplewood (recorded in 1923).2

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