A Taste of History at the Open Hearth

January 26, 2014, 1:00 PM

Skilled 18th century cook Mercy Ingraham returns to the kitchen fire at the Durand-Hedden House this year as we remember our late longtime trustee Irene Kosinski. Irene, a gifted educator and lover of living history, oversaw the restoration of Durand-Hedden’s beehive oven in 1981. She went on to establish our perpetually popular open hearth cooking program, which for thirty years has drawn visitors who are ‘hungry’ for history. Mercy (a Charter Member of the Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley) last cooked with Irene in 2011 and will reprise that day’s show-stopping fowl-on-a-string, this time, a duck, and preserved foods from the fall harvest. In addition she will prepare two of Irene’s favorite teaching lessons -- beaten biscuits using the reflector oven and Johnny cake, in the Dutch oven, plus seasonal recipes of her own.

Children will be able to try their hand at old-fashioned cooking chores like kneading dough and making butter. The intriguing exhibit Where Can I Mail a Letter, The History of Maplewood’s Postal Service will be on view.

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Slavery in New Jersey: A Troubled History is an illustrated 40-page book that traces the evolution of slavery in New Jersey, which began with Dutch settlement in the seventeenth century and continued through the end of the Civil War.

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