An Afternoon in the Gardens of Grasmere Park

April 12, 2015, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Need advice on how to tackle your garden beds, plants or shrubs this spring as they awaken from their long winter dormancy? Join Durand-Hedden for a ‘hands-on’ day in the gardens on the grounds of Grasmere Park. Experienced gardeners Helen Kensinger and Judy Halesky, and arborist Todd Lamm will explain how to plan, maintain and prune your spring garden. Proper techniques for cleaning out planting beds, preparing planting holes and planting and maintaining perennials and shrubs will be demonstrated. Visitors are invited to come with their gardening questions and, if they wish, to lend a hand as we begin to prepare the park grounds.

Two acre Grasmere Park is the setting for the historic Durand-Hedden House and once was part of the original 40 acre plantation that surrounded it. The public park is to be enjoyed for passive activities like strolling in the meadow or viewing the Maplewood Herb Garden. It was named for longtime Maplewood mayor Robert Grasmere through whose efforts the house and property were purchased by the Township.

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