Close Encounters with Birds of Prey

February 22, 2015, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Would you like to see a real, live golden eagle, a peregrine falcon, a red tail hawk or, perhaps, a saw-whet owl? If so, join Durand-Hedden at Jefferson School auditorium at 1:30 pm as Bill Streeter, director of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center of Milford, PA, presents Close Encounters with Birds of Prey. You’ll view six live raptors and spend a magical hour gaining a greater knowledge and appreciation of the raptors of the northeast, a number of which visit yards and open spaces right here in Maplewood. Jefferson School is located at 518 Ridgewood Road, across from the Durand-Hedden House. At 2:30 pm, visitors are invited to come to the House for light refreshments and a chance to see the exhibit "The Maplewood Theater: Its Forgotten Saga" plus to shop at The Country Store which will feature photos of raptors by local artist Joy Yagid.

Virginia Road door opens at 1pm.

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