Revolutionary War Muster

May 15, 2016, 11:00 AM

Back by popular demand, the Third New Jersey Regiment re-enactment group returns to Grasmere Park surrounding the Durand-Hedden house to set up a living history camp for visitors. The well-known reenactors will accurately demonstrate 18th century military and civilian life activities include tent building, military drills, musket firing, natural dyeing, and weaving. They will also offer the opportunity to examine military and domestic accoutrements and equipment.

The historic Third New Jersey Regiment, also called the “Jersey Blues” because its coats were blue with red lapels, was mustered during the American Revolution and has a claim to be part of the longest history of any U.S. military unit. Locally in 1780, during the War of Independence, the Regiment assumed defensive positions around Elizabethtown. In June of that year it was the first to engage the British and Hessian invasions from Staten Island. Joined by local militia and the rest of the Jersey Brigade, the Regiment fought a delaying action at Connecticut Farms (Union, NJ). A few days later, on June 23, it was engaged again and fought valiantly as a leading element in the Battle of Springfield, NJ. A year later the “Jersey Blues” also participated in the siege and victory at Yorktown.

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