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Spinning, weaving, and sheep shearing was a popular draw at Durand-Hedden on April 23, 2023

While the week began with predictions of rain, Sunday, April 23, proved to be a beautiful spring day -- perfect for walks in Grasmere Park, watching sheep being sheared, and watching weavers and spinners are work.

Margaret Quinn delighted children and adults alike as she expertly gave the sheep in attendance (Daisy, Myrtle and Cookie) their spring haircuts, using only manual shears.

Visitors were also able to watch weavers and spinners at work in the house, and members of the Essex County Spinners set up shop by our historic hearth.

Special thanks to Board Member Patty Chrisman who led the organization of the event and is a member of the Essex County Spinners.

Aurora Harrington and high schooler Samara Berg ran children’s activities, while Marilyn Schnaars greeted visitors at the house and Leesa Anderson welcomed shoppers to our Country Store.

It was a wonderful event made possible by Durand-Hedden's enthusiastic all-volunteer Board as well as the support of our SOMA community and beyond.

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