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A History Ramble through Rosedale Cemetery

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Over the centuries many families in our community have chosen Rosedale Cemetery as their final place of rest. It consists of 92 picturesque acres in Montclair, Orange and West Orange. Durand-Hedden sponsored a walking tour of the cemetery, in which visitors learned about Rosedale’s history and some of its nationally known occupants, such as Governor Charles Edison, painter George Inness, architect Charles F. McKim, champion bicyclist Frank Kramer and industrialist Samuel Colgate. Also interred on the grounds were Nelson Crawford Durand, who collaborated with Thomas Edison on the invention of the light bulb, and grandson of Henry Durand (a resident of the Durand-Hedden House); Edward C. Balch, the developer fondly known as “The Father of Maplewood”; and Edward Arcularius, the township clerk in the 1920s and namesake of a Maplewood street.


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