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Durand-Hedden enters the 21st century, thanks to Anton Riccert of Verizon

This past week, thanks to Durand-Hedden Board Member Tim Gill, Verizon technician Anton Riccert (pictured here) arrived at Durand-Hedden to install Fios internet to ensure higher internet speeds for board, staff, volunteers, and visitors. Anton immediately understood that, while we were anxious to have higher internet speed, we are also highly protective of our 250-year-old landmark building and took special care to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Anton Riccert, photo credit Susan Newberry

Anton told Maplewood Town Historian and Durand-Hedden Board Member Susan Newberry, who was there to supervise, that he enjoyed this very non-standard job and as a history lover, wants to learn more about our historic house, grounds, and events. In fact, he hopes to bring his children all the way from Stroudsburg, PA, to Maplewood to attend our Juneteenth event on Sunday, June 18!

According to Susan, John Capolongo, the head of the PSE&G gas line crew is another history lover and protector of Durand-Hedden.

"He has found our 1815 and 1904 maps very helpful and was intrigued by the story of the house and grounds," said Susan. "John found that Durand-Hedden is an exception to the PSE&G gas line project because it is historic. The house's current gas meter (fittingly hidden in the basement) won't need to be replaced by the unsightly new one outside."


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