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Durand-Hedden Honors Arbor Day

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Arborist Todd Lamm cared for the trees and grounds in Grasmere Park for many years after retiring as head of the Parks Department of Maplewood. Inspired by Todd's love of trees, Durand-Hedden has celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees in Grasmere Park each year.

Arbor Day was founded 135 years ago in Nebraska by Sterling Morton, and is now a major national and international event. Almost 10 years ago, through the help of the NJ Tree Foundation, we placed native White Pine and Red Oak saplings throughout the grounds and are eagerly watching their growth.

Maplewood is known for its beautiful trees, though there have been many losses

of late. We invite you to plant a tree in your yard this year.



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